Thank You cards

I just dropped my first batch of letterpress cards off at Orange over the weekend.

I designed this line of thank you cards at the beginning of the month and finally got around to printing them the night before Nick and I left for vacation.


There are 4 cards in the series and they read as follows:


THANK YOU. You are too kind!



gee, thanks… you really shouldn’t have!



just because… you = awesome, me = grateful



oh, BTW… you rock!… that is all


I printed the front of the all the cards in one evening and then printed my website on the back the next day.


I set the type for the website by hand using indiviual letters that came with my tabletop press.

I’m starting to feel much more comfortable and confident work on the chandler and price and have so much fun printing!

I made this pretty chicken wire frame to display the cards at the shop.


I found the frame a local antique shop…


…painted/distressed it…

frame detail_web

… and then stapled chicken wire to the back!

I made a few smaller frames to sell as well.

I haven’t had a chance to get my etsy shop up and running but if you are interested in ordering a set or 2 of thank you cards, send me an email!


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