Olivia’s Letterpress Party Invitations

Last month, we celebrated Olivia’s first birthday!  I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the year passed and how grown up my little baby has become!  I’m excited to share some pictures from her party soon but wanted to start out by sharing her party invitations.


(please forgive the shadows on all of these pics, I took these outside under a tree on a sunny day, lol… I’ve never claimed to be a good photographer!)

If you’ve been following along with my blog over the years, you know that I have a passion for letterpress printing and graphic design.  Invitations (of any kind) are one of my favorite things to do, so I was extra excited to create something special for Olivia. And…. I figure that I only have a few years when I can have compete control over her party planning  :)


After some serious Pinterest paroozing, I settled on the super girly color theme of pink and gold.  Somewhere along the way, I ran into the tagline “She leaves sparkles wherever she goes…” and I thought it was perfect for the invitations, so sweet for a little girl (who is young enough not to get a huge ego from this tagline!) She is our little princess and has definitely brightened up our life!


I decided to go with the same layout that I used for these baby shower invitations… because seriously, who doesn’t love to open a tiny little envelope!  I included a gold envelope liner to tie in with the gold printed “sparkles”.


The outer envelope was a blush pink, same at the mini.  And I designed custom address labels printed on sticker paper and finished things off with some gold chevron washi tape (ok, so I have a new obsession with washi tape… as first I didnt really get the whole craze and thought it was kind of silly, and maybe it is, but now I love it and cant get enough!)


All of the specific party information was hidden inside the mini envelope and I made the pink and gold rosettes to use as party decorations.


This was such a fun project for me and something that I hope Olivia will be able to enjoy down the road! I know it may seem slightly over the top for a one year old, but I truly loved every minute I poured into this suite.


Olivia at her party


(photo credit: Natalija Winston)

Please contact me at mondaymorningpress,mmp@gmail.com or on my facebook page if you are interested in purchasing these invitations or something similar for an upcoming event!  Remember, the invite makes the first impression!


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