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Olivia’s Letterpress Party Invitations

Last month, we celebrated Olivia’s first birthday!  I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the year passed and how grown up my little baby has become!  I’m excited to share some pictures from her party soon but wanted to start out by sharing her party invitations.


(please forgive the shadows on all of these pics, I took these outside under a tree on a sunny day, lol… I’ve never claimed to be a good photographer!)

If you’ve been following along with my blog over the years, you know that I have a passion for letterpress printing and graphic design.  Invitations (of any kind) are one of my favorite things to do, so I was extra excited to create something special for Olivia. And…. I figure that I only have a few years when I can have compete control over her party planning  :)


After some serious Pinterest paroozing, I settled on the super girly color theme of pink and gold.  Somewhere along the way, I ran into the tagline “She leaves sparkles wherever she goes…” and I thought it was perfect for the invitations, so sweet for a little girl (who is young enough not to get a huge ego from this tagline!) She is our little princess and has definitely brightened up our life!


I decided to go with the same layout that I used for these baby shower invitations… because seriously, who doesn’t love to open a tiny little envelope!  I included a gold envelope liner to tie in with the gold printed “sparkles”.


The outer envelope was a blush pink, same at the mini.  And I designed custom address labels printed on sticker paper and finished things off with some gold chevron washi tape (ok, so I have a new obsession with washi tape… as first I didnt really get the whole craze and thought it was kind of silly, and maybe it is, but now I love it and cant get enough!)


All of the specific party information was hidden inside the mini envelope and I made the pink and gold rosettes to use as party decorations.


This was such a fun project for me and something that I hope Olivia will be able to enjoy down the road! I know it may seem slightly over the top for a one year old, but I truly loved every minute I poured into this suite.


Olivia at her party


(photo credit: Natalija Winston)

Please contact me at mondaymorningpress, or on my facebook page if you are interested in purchasing these invitations or something similar for an upcoming event!  Remember, the invite makes the first impression!

Letterpress Baby Shower Invitations

Ok guys… I’m so excited to share this latest project with you! I finally got to do my first big letterpress job (since Olivia was born) in my new print room!  I was honored with the privilege of throwing a baby shower for a wonderful friend of mine, Niki, and it was the perfect project to get back into the swing of things as fas as printing goes.

Niki was one of the first people I met at Virginia Tech.  We became great friends and roommates. I’m so thrilled that she and her husband are welcoming a sweet baby boy in February! She told me that she was planning the nursery colors to be grey, mustard yellow, and blue.  I love using colors for party planning inspiration and so I ran with the grey/mustard idea for the invitations.



I’ve had the idea to use a tiny little envelope for an invitation for awhile now and I thought a baby shower would be the perfect opportunity.



The invitation itself is 5×7 and the mini yellow envelope is 3×3.





isn’t it so cute?  I’m kind of a sucker for anything miniature…


I designed and pressed the outer generic invitation


and then used the computer printer to print the information that I designed inside the mini envelope specific to Niki’s shower




This project was so fun for me!  The shower was over the weekend and we had a great time gathering to celebrate Niki’s little bundle of joy!




I’m hoping to get my etsy shop up and running soon and will be making these invitations available for purchase!


Got a special event coming up?

Shoot me an email at for info on custom design and letterpress services!

Print Room Addition: Part I

I’ve been excited to share this project with all of you for some time.

PR before_web

We (and by “we”, I mean Nick) started the process of converting our side porch into an office/print room in November 2013. While most of the construction wrapped up in early March  in time for Olivia’s arrival,  we just recently put the finishing touches on setting up shop and I could not be more excited!



move press_web


A little background…we picked up the press in December 2012 from Woodbridge, Va… an AWESOME Craigslist find!

And it has been sitting in our dining room up until just about 2 months ago.


While it’s a beautiful object and a great dinner conversation piece, Nick and I weren’t crazy about having this 800-1000lb press on our hardwood floors.  I had done several projects in the dining room but was ready to have a more permanent home for the shop but there were no better options in our house.

One day while daydreaming, a lightbulb went off and I had the idea of enclosing the porch on the side of our house.  We live on a busy road, and rarely used the porch for much more than storage(hillbilly style). Plus the porch was on a poured concrete slab so there would be no problem holding the weight of the press.


press room_web

Here is a rendering I did of my preliminary vision for the room.

I carefully made the suggestion to Nick…I’m pretty sure he rolls his eyes and gets really nervous every time I tell him I have an idea and rightfully so. It usually means lots of work for him, and a lot of bossing around from me.  Poor guy, he’s such a good sport.

progress nick josh_web

So on a rainy day in November, he and our friend, Josh got started on framing the new room!

progress framing_web

He had never taken on a project of this size but he jumped in with both feet and did a fantastic job!  He did everything from drawing the plans (with my input of course), to building permits/inspections, to electrical work, to spray foam insulation…

sprayfoam nick_web

Here he is all suited up and ready to crawl under the porch to insulate the slab from below… what a stud(no pun intended).

progress nick roby_web

We were fortunate to have lots of good help from friends and both of our Dads.

nick kev 2_web

After lots of busy weekends away for the holidays, the exterior construction wrapped up in mid January!

final outside_web

We kept the original columns from the porch and got a great deal on 4 Pella windows.

progress Nick kev1_web

Nick tackled all the interior projects as well.  Drywall, trim, painting etc.  I helped out with some of the finishing work like caulking and painting trim as much as I could at 8 months pregnant (which you can imagine was not very much).

inside progress_web

After Olivia was born, setting up the room and moving the press to its new home got postponed a few months.  Nick and I ended up moving the press from the dining room to the addition one saturday morning in June and this past weekend I FINALLY got to do my first print in the new room!

Can’t wait to show you the final results :)

PR cabinet-web

Here is a sneak peak to hold you over…


Christmas Baby Shower

This past weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower for my very good friend, Reema.  She is 5 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy and we have had so much fun going growing “bumpy” together!


We threw the shower at my house and I supplied the invitations and decorations…


Reema is having a baby girl (just like me, so fun!) and so the theme of the shower was “Ribbons, Lace, and Pearls” with a christmas-y twist!


I letterpressed the interior of the invitations and used doilies, to create a lacey effect on the inner envelope..


I decorated the tree according to the theme and Reema’s mother-in-law Barbara made beautiful cookie favor ornaments!



are they so cute?  Yummy too!


drink table3_web

The drink table is always one of my favorite stations to set up, and you know I am a sucker for mason jars! (You can see a similar drink station from another shower I hosted here.)






Reema’s sisters, Nadia, Lamya, and Mona took charge of all the food for the shower- and boy did they go all out!

food table2_web

We had enough food to feed an army and it was all so delicious!


Just check out this appetizer table if you dont believe me!


meat platter_web

We chose a brunch theme for the menu, so the main table had everything from

Mexican Fritattas…


to chicken salad croissants…

chick salad sand_web

citrus salad with pomagranates…

citrus salad_web

and smoked salmon and cucumber bagels!

salmon bagel_web

These girls really know how to put out a beautiful spread!

badr sisters_web

For dessert we had delicious and adorable almond cupcakes with citrus icing


(notice the lace and pearls?  I love how everything came together!)


And you can never have too many cookies!


We had a cute little station set up for guests to contribute mommy advice for Reema


And then it was time to “Ooooo and Ahhhhh” at all the precious baby girl gifts!



We had a really great turn out and had a very full house!


It was so much fun hosting this event for such a great friend.  Cant wait to meet her sweet baby in February!

Our newest team member!

Hey there!  Remember me? I know it’s been months since I last posted, I’m going to try and do better.  But I do have lots of exciting news, updates, and projects to share with you, so maybe you will forgive me this one time?

First of all, I am so excited to tell you all about the newest member of Monday Morning Press.

Her name is Olivia and she will be joining us at the end of March…

I’m sure it will take us a little time to learn how to work together and get into a routine but I am completely over the moon that she will be joining us!

Meet Olivia…

oliver ultra1_web

…isn’t she cute? :)

She is 22 weeks old and so far has been very good to her mommy.

Her daddy has been very good to her mommy as well, despite some emotional rollercoasters along the way ;)

We found out the Little Olive was a “she” on Halloween.


I dressed up as and Angry Bird with some co-workers at the office… and had a blue and pink baby bird on standby for the big gender reveal.

It was a fun day and I was very excited to start brainstorming nursery ideas!

Not that I hadn’t been browsing Pinterest for months (duh!)… but knowing the gender made everything more real and also made it easier to start making some decisions.


Here are my favorite inspiration photos for Olive’s nursery.

inspiration 2

I’m loving the combination of all the mints, creams, whites, grey, blacks, oranges and corals!

  We have a very small room for her (9’x10′) but I think that we can make it nice and cozy.

Here is a priliminary mock up I did for her space.

Olive Nursery colors_WEB

The room is a blank slate right now, but I will definitely keep you posted on the progress!  I’m very anxious to get started.

Now that I’ve regained some energy in the second trimester, Nick and I have been busy with projects around the house.

This past weekend, Nick started our big Fall project of 2013!  Last year he built an awesome patio in our backyard…this year, he is enclosing our side porch to be used as a sunroom/craft/print room.

Here is what we were working with…

porch before_web

and here is the model I did of the vision for the finished space…

press room_web

I’m thrilled to get this project under way and finally get my letterpress out of the dining room and into it’s own home.

I think this will be a great addition to our home and I’m so impressed and grateful for Nick’s skills and willingness to take on a project of this size…

…at 6:00 am…

…on a saturday…

…in the rain…

He and our good friend Josh made some great progress this weekend.

porch work_web

aren’t they adorbs?

porch progress_web

And here is how things looked by the end of Sunday… all the framing is almost done!

Thanks Hubby- you are a superstar :)

While Nick was working on the addition, I tried to knock out a few furniture projects.  It’s been harder to find the energy lately and also more difficult to manuever myself and heavy furniture pieces.  Therefore… I dont have any staged shots of the finished products, but here are a few shots of what I got accomplished this weekend!


A cool bar/buffet I bought unfinished from Susan at Uniquely Yours or Mine.

I had to strip the original wood veneer of the top because it was in bad shape, but luckily the wood underneath

was stain-worthy and it turned out beautiful!

I found a little wicker basket to slide in the top opening and brought the piece over to Orange!

I also worked on this set of side tables… the first pieces in a 5 piece bedroom set that I found on

Craigslist.  Of course I don’t have any before pictures (sorry!)

side tables_web

There is a queen headboard, a long dresser, and a wardrobe that complete this set.

I plan to paint everything in the same way.

I’ve been trying to work outside as much as possible for good ventilation when painting.

Luckily, the Chalk Paint I use most of the time is very pregnant-lady-friednly with low VOC’s but I do wear a mask when staining or waxing or working with latex paint.

Here are a few other projects I’ve (slooowly) completed over the last few months!




And the 2013 christmas cards!  I’m selling in sets of 4 with red envelopes at Orange.


Go check out all the other fun holiday items at the shop!


Annnnnd last, but certainly not least… I became an AUNTIE in August and have been spending as much time as possible squeezing my ADORABLE little nephew, Connor.


He really, honestly, is the sweetest, most happy little boy I’ve even seen.


And hanging out with him has been great training for our own upcoming little bundle.  We called this day “Daddy Bootcamp” although Nick somehow managed to dodge changing a dirty diaper :)


Anyway, we LOVE him and love his parents.  In fact, the 3 of them are visiting this weekend! Cant wait :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update and I hope you will bear with me over the next few months as I have a baby and learn how to be a mom!  I’m looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you as well as some of our prepartion projects along the way.  I will defintely be back in the furniture business next summer, and while I dont expect Olivia to be picking up a paint brush by then, I do suspect she will be making a few guest appearances :)

Thank You cards

I just dropped my first batch of letterpress cards off at Orange over the weekend.

I designed this line of thank you cards at the beginning of the month and finally got around to printing them the night before Nick and I left for vacation.


There are 4 cards in the series and they read as follows:


THANK YOU. You are too kind!



gee, thanks… you really shouldn’t have!



just because… you = awesome, me = grateful



oh, BTW… you rock!… that is all


I printed the front of the all the cards in one evening and then printed my website on the back the next day.


I set the type for the website by hand using indiviual letters that came with my tabletop press.

I’m starting to feel much more comfortable and confident work on the chandler and price and have so much fun printing!

I made this pretty chicken wire frame to display the cards at the shop.


I found the frame a local antique shop…


…painted/distressed it…

frame detail_web

… and then stapled chicken wire to the back!

I made a few smaller frames to sell as well.

I haven’t had a chance to get my etsy shop up and running but if you are interested in ordering a set or 2 of thank you cards, send me an email!

Prep for my first Lucketts Spring Market


Nick and I are hitting the road for Leesburg, Virginia tonight after work.  We will be attending (not participating unfortunately ..maybe next year???) the Lucketts Annual Spring Market and I could not be more excited!

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a long time, I have never been to Luckett’s before but have been dying to go.  I’m strongly considering trying to participate next year so I am anxious to check it out to see if I can come even close to “hanging” with the vintage market goo-roos!  It should be fun… I’m dragging Nick along (mostly so he can take pictures of me with my blogging idols) and he is having a really good attitude… I figure if I can find him a funnel cake and a hotdog he will be a happy camper:)

Yes… Miss Mustard Seed will be there… and yes, I cannot wait to meet her/I’m so nervous!  I hope I can work up the nerve to ask her to sign my copy of her book, Inspired You and maybe even get a picture.  Nick says he is going to meet her even if I am too shy- ha ha ha.

So, this week (this very busy week), my one and only goal was to FINALLY print something on my letterpress machine.  I got the last few parts in a few weeks ago and have been itching to take the plunge and attempt the first print.  I thought business cards would be the perfect test job… especially with Luckett’s this weekend!

On Monday night, I got everything set up…


(the press is currently in the dining room)

chase diagram_web

I locked up the chase with the plate(or cut) I had made of my custom business card design.

The wood furniture holds the cut in place, while the quoins expand (with the key) to tighten the whole compostion so it will not fall out once in the machine.

locked up_web

Once the chase was all ready, I locked it into the press!

Next I added ink to the ink plate, attched the rollers (kicking myself I dont have a picture of the rollers on!)

and lined up the paper with cut in the chase and started printing!  I’m not going to lie, there were a few bumps in the road, the whole set up probably took atleast an hour, and I one point I was close to tears… but everything came together in the end.


I. had. so. much. fun…

set up diagram_web

Here is the full set up, with the paper in place and my first batch of prints drying on the feedboards!

I experimented with all different kinds of paper… crane lettra (ecru), chip board, and even scrapbook paper!


I was able to get some great impression on the thicker cotton paper and it just made my heart so happy!


I am going to need to practice photographing my letterpress projects to fully capture the beauty of the impression in the paper…these pictures do not do it justice!

Needless to say, I was pretty pumped that everything had finally come together and that I was successfully printing on my very own 110 year old press!  It was a beautiful evening.

I delivered a few pieces of furniture that I refinished for a friend on Wednesday, and thought it would be fun to tie a card to the piece for a special touch!


Isn’t this a cute little phone table?  Its actually very small, the owner is going to use as a plant stand which I think will look great!


Here is a picture of the table/chair before…

before red_web

Well, I cant wait to fill you in on our tript o Luckett’s!  I hope to take tons of inspirational pictures and hopefully make some new connections.  Are any of you planning to be there?  Look for Nick and I… we are giant people so kinda hard to miss… ha ha ha.  If you see a tall brunette awkwardly sobbing on Miss Mustard’s Seed’s shoulder, you’ve probably found me!

red card_web

Enjoy the weekend!

First print!

Been waiting for this day for 6 months!  All the parts are in place and its ready to run… Attempting my first print job tonight (MMP business cards for Lucketts this weekend!) a little nervous, but mostly excited. Stay tuned!


Christmas in January…

Hey there!  Happy weekend to you all.

I just put a final coat of wax on an adorable little farmhouse style desk that I have been working on…

…here is a sneak peak


While I’m waiting for the desk to dry, I thought I’d share a few images of the 2012 Monday christmas card.

Now, I know that the holidays have come and gone but this was our very first christmas card (we really slacked off in our first year of marriage) and since I just started the blog this week, I wanted to share this fun project with all of you…even if it is a month late.


I started working on the design of the cards in November.  At the time, I was taking my third letterpress class at the Visual Arts Center (this was before we purchased the Chandler and Price).  Because I had access to the large press at the studio, I decided to go with a 9.2 x4 in size card or a standard #10 envelope. I laid out the graphic in Adobe Indesign and ordered a plate from Owosso Graphics.


I printed the top card in class on the 10×15 Chandler and Price, and the additional two pages, I printed on my home computer.


I found some super cute tiny brads at Michaels and punched a small hole through all 3 pages plus the recycled paper card stock on the bottom.  The second page was mostly text- a brief summary of our year and holiday wishes to our friends. The last page had a few pictures of us and of course… Hobie.



We stuffed the finished cards into bright red Christmas-y envelopes and dropped them in the mail!


Ok, better go check on the desk, stay tuned!

Oh wait!.. quick shout out… Happy Birthday to my baby brother Benny Boy!

(dont worry Dan, your day will come)


Yes ladies… he’s quite the stud! Love you Ben and cant wait to see you in Jackson Hole Tuesday!