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Print Room Addition: Part I

I’ve been excited to share this project with all of you for some time.

PR before_web

We (and by “we”, I mean Nick) started the process of converting our side porch into an office/print room in November 2013. While most of the construction wrapped up in early March  in time for Olivia’s arrival,  we just recently put the finishing touches on setting up shop and I could not be more excited!



move press_web


A little background…we picked up the press in December 2012 from Woodbridge, Va… an AWESOME Craigslist find!

And it has been sitting in our dining room up until just about 2 months ago.


While it’s a beautiful object and a great dinner conversation piece, Nick and I weren’t crazy about having this 800-1000lb press on our hardwood floors.  I had done several projects in the dining room but was ready to have a more permanent home for the shop but there were no better options in our house.

One day while daydreaming, a lightbulb went off and I had the idea of enclosing the porch on the side of our house.  We live on a busy road, and rarely used the porch for much more than storage(hillbilly style). Plus the porch was on a poured concrete slab so there would be no problem holding the weight of the press.


press room_web

Here is a rendering I did of my preliminary vision for the room.

I carefully made the suggestion to Nick…I’m pretty sure he rolls his eyes and gets really nervous every time I tell him I have an idea and rightfully so. It usually means lots of work for him, and a lot of bossing around from me.  Poor guy, he’s such a good sport.

progress nick josh_web

So on a rainy day in November, he and our friend, Josh got started on framing the new room!

progress framing_web

He had never taken on a project of this size but he jumped in with both feet and did a fantastic job!  He did everything from drawing the plans (with my input of course), to building permits/inspections, to electrical work, to spray foam insulation…

sprayfoam nick_web

Here he is all suited up and ready to crawl under the porch to insulate the slab from below… what a stud(no pun intended).

progress nick roby_web

We were fortunate to have lots of good help from friends and both of our Dads.

nick kev 2_web

After lots of busy weekends away for the holidays, the exterior construction wrapped up in mid January!

final outside_web

We kept the original columns from the porch and got a great deal on 4 Pella windows.

progress Nick kev1_web

Nick tackled all the interior projects as well.  Drywall, trim, painting etc.  I helped out with some of the finishing work like caulking and painting trim as much as I could at 8 months pregnant (which you can imagine was not very much).

inside progress_web

After Olivia was born, setting up the room and moving the press to its new home got postponed a few months.  Nick and I ended up moving the press from the dining room to the addition one saturday morning in June and this past weekend I FINALLY got to do my first print in the new room!

Can’t wait to show you the final results :)

PR cabinet-web

Here is a sneak peak to hold you over…