Photo Update: Olivia 0-4 months

Hello there!  Life has been a little busy lately but we are finally starting to fall into somewhat of a schedule (somedays).

I’ve been able to get back into some furniture projects over the past month or so and I’m excited to share them with you.

But first, I thought I’d fill you in on the last 4 months with our precious “little lady”

olivia 1_web

We welcomed Olivia Dalton on March 14, at 9:04 pm.

As far as labor and delivery goes, I feel like we were very blessed.  There were a few scary moments along the way

but she and I (and Dad) made it through it safe and sound.

family 1 web

Here is our first family photo about 3 hours after she was born!

olivia 3 web

and here are a few shots from the hospital photographer… Baby Bella

olivia 4 web

We weren’t planning on buying pictures, but they really know how to pull at your heart strings!

So we crumbled, and bought them all…

olivia 2 web

Here are a few shot sweet shots from Beth of Looking Glass Photography

She is a friend of ours who came to our home 2 weeks after Olivia was born to take some pictures of the 3 of us.

lgp_1. webjpg

Love these sweet moments she captured (despite Olivia crying for most of the 2 hour session)

lgp_2 web

This picture of Olivia at 1 month pretty much sums up the first few months of her life…

month 1 web

By 2 months her attitude had evened out a bit…

month 2 web

and by 3 months she was ready to take on the world…

one “eeeeeeevil plan” at a time…

month 3 web

She turned 4 months yesterday.. She is such a sweet, sensitive little girl.

month 4 web

She is is rolling over, giggling, chewing on everything, and making us laugh all the time.

Being a Mommy is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It is now my full time job (along with my painting and pressing hobbies)

as I have decided not to return to my previous position. Some days are challenging but always rewarding- I’m excited for this new adventure and

hope to be posting more regularly!


I’ll leave you with a few more shots from our beach trip last month… thanks to my sister, Lauren and her friend Maddie for the great family pictures!



Yeah… she doesn’t look at all like her Dad, does she???



My goal is to update you on a few furniture transformations this week, but it took me all day to

write this short blog (in between naps) so we will see if that happens ;)

Thanks for sticking with me!

Christmas Baby Shower

This past weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower for my very good friend, Reema.  She is 5 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy and we have had so much fun going growing “bumpy” together!


We threw the shower at my house and I supplied the invitations and decorations…


Reema is having a baby girl (just like me, so fun!) and so the theme of the shower was “Ribbons, Lace, and Pearls” with a christmas-y twist!


I letterpressed the interior of the invitations and used doilies, to create a lacey effect on the inner envelope..


I decorated the tree according to the theme and Reema’s mother-in-law Barbara made beautiful cookie favor ornaments!



are they so cute?  Yummy too!


drink table3_web

The drink table is always one of my favorite stations to set up, and you know I am a sucker for mason jars! (You can see a similar drink station from another shower I hosted here.)






Reema’s sisters, Nadia, Lamya, and Mona took charge of all the food for the shower- and boy did they go all out!

food table2_web

We had enough food to feed an army and it was all so delicious!


Just check out this appetizer table if you dont believe me!


meat platter_web

We chose a brunch theme for the menu, so the main table had everything from

Mexican Fritattas…


to chicken salad croissants…

chick salad sand_web

citrus salad with pomagranates…

citrus salad_web

and smoked salmon and cucumber bagels!

salmon bagel_web

These girls really know how to put out a beautiful spread!

badr sisters_web

For dessert we had delicious and adorable almond cupcakes with citrus icing


(notice the lace and pearls?  I love how everything came together!)


And you can never have too many cookies!


We had a cute little station set up for guests to contribute mommy advice for Reema


And then it was time to “Ooooo and Ahhhhh” at all the precious baby girl gifts!



We had a really great turn out and had a very full house!


It was so much fun hosting this event for such a great friend.  Cant wait to meet her sweet baby in February!

Our newest team member!

Hey there!  Remember me? I know it’s been months since I last posted, I’m going to try and do better.  But I do have lots of exciting news, updates, and projects to share with you, so maybe you will forgive me this one time?

First of all, I am so excited to tell you all about the newest member of Monday Morning Press.

Her name is Olivia and she will be joining us at the end of March…

I’m sure it will take us a little time to learn how to work together and get into a routine but I am completely over the moon that she will be joining us!

Meet Olivia…

oliver ultra1_web

…isn’t she cute? :)

She is 22 weeks old and so far has been very good to her mommy.

Her daddy has been very good to her mommy as well, despite some emotional rollercoasters along the way ;)

We found out the Little Olive was a “she” on Halloween.


I dressed up as and Angry Bird with some co-workers at the office… and had a blue and pink baby bird on standby for the big gender reveal.

It was a fun day and I was very excited to start brainstorming nursery ideas!

Not that I hadn’t been browsing Pinterest for months (duh!)… but knowing the gender made everything more real and also made it easier to start making some decisions.


Here are my favorite inspiration photos for Olive’s nursery.

inspiration 2

I’m loving the combination of all the mints, creams, whites, grey, blacks, oranges and corals!

  We have a very small room for her (9′x10′) but I think that we can make it nice and cozy.

Here is a priliminary mock up I did for her space.

Olive Nursery colors_WEB

The room is a blank slate right now, but I will definitely keep you posted on the progress!  I’m very anxious to get started.

Now that I’ve regained some energy in the second trimester, Nick and I have been busy with projects around the house.

This past weekend, Nick started our big Fall project of 2013!  Last year he built an awesome patio in our backyard…this year, he is enclosing our side porch to be used as a sunroom/craft/print room.

Here is what we were working with…

porch before_web

and here is the model I did of the vision for the finished space…

press room_web

I’m thrilled to get this project under way and finally get my letterpress out of the dining room and into it’s own home.

I think this will be a great addition to our home and I’m so impressed and grateful for Nick’s skills and willingness to take on a project of this size…

…at 6:00 am…

…on a saturday…

…in the rain…

He and our good friend Josh made some great progress this weekend.

porch work_web

aren’t they adorbs?

porch progress_web

And here is how things looked by the end of Sunday… all the framing is almost done!

Thanks Hubby- you are a superstar :)

While Nick was working on the addition, I tried to knock out a few furniture projects.  It’s been harder to find the energy lately and also more difficult to manuever myself and heavy furniture pieces.  Therefore… I dont have any staged shots of the finished products, but here are a few shots of what I got accomplished this weekend!


A cool bar/buffet I bought unfinished from Susan at Uniquely Yours or Mine.

I had to strip the original wood veneer of the top because it was in bad shape, but luckily the wood underneath

was stain-worthy and it turned out beautiful!

I found a little wicker basket to slide in the top opening and brought the piece over to Orange!

I also worked on this set of side tables… the first pieces in a 5 piece bedroom set that I found on

Craigslist.  Of course I don’t have any before pictures (sorry!)

side tables_web

There is a queen headboard, a long dresser, and a wardrobe that complete this set.

I plan to paint everything in the same way.

I’ve been trying to work outside as much as possible for good ventilation when painting.

Luckily, the Chalk Paint I use most of the time is very pregnant-lady-friednly with low VOC’s but I do wear a mask when staining or waxing or working with latex paint.

Here are a few other projects I’ve (slooowly) completed over the last few months!




And the 2013 christmas cards!  I’m selling in sets of 4 with red envelopes at Orange.


Go check out all the other fun holiday items at the shop!


Annnnnd last, but certainly not least… I became an AUNTIE in August and have been spending as much time as possible squeezing my ADORABLE little nephew, Connor.


He really, honestly, is the sweetest, most happy little boy I’ve even seen.


And hanging out with him has been great training for our own upcoming little bundle.  We called this day “Daddy Bootcamp” although Nick somehow managed to dodge changing a dirty diaper :)


Anyway, we LOVE him and love his parents.  In fact, the 3 of them are visiting this weekend! Cant wait :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update and I hope you will bear with me over the next few months as I have a baby and learn how to be a mom!  I’m looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you as well as some of our prepartion projects along the way.  I will defintely be back in the furniture business next summer, and while I dont expect Olivia to be picking up a paint brush by then, I do suspect she will be making a few guest appearances :)

An unexpected match…

I recently bought a few new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors that I had never used before.  Country Grey and Graphite.  I bought them for two seperate custom projects for clients and loved them each individually.

When I found this dresser on Craigslist a few weeks back, a lightbulb went off in my head immediately!

Grey before_web

The dresser drawers had a natural frame around them created by shallow grooves.  This was the perfect opportunity to do a two-toned effect and Country Grey and Graphite came to mind right away.  I wouldnt normally pair these colors together but I was excited to give it a try…

front grey_web

… and I’m so glad i did!

side grey_web

I ended up really loving the combination of the dark bluish grey and the light cream.

detail grey2_web

It was a great compliment to the natural wood color that showed through on the distressed areas.

side grey2_web

I painted the sides cream as well to make the piece feel alittle lighter…

detail grey_web

and re-used the original drawer pulls which were beautiful!

front grey1_web

If you can’t tell, I’m very excited about how this dresser turned out and will defintely be using these colors together again in the future!

grey final_web

Estate Sale find!

Hey there,  long time no see.  Sorry I’ve fallen behind on my posts… I’ve been busy and have lots of good things to share!

Last month Nick and I came across an estate sale in our neighborhood and decided to check it out.  I had never been to one before so I didn’t really know what to expect… but it was great.  Lots of beautiful pieces for reasonable prices.

I found a dresser/mirror set that I loved, made an offer and loaded up the SUV!

I didnt get a complete before picture, but this will give you and pretty good idea of the dresser before I got my hands on it…


I just loved the detailing on this piece and it was in great condition!  I have to do a little bit of veneer repair, but other than that it was ready to go.

I sanded down the top and restained it with a dark walnut stain (my favorite!)

outside blue_web

I mixed up a custom color for the dresser, a light blue that was the perfect offset for the dark stained top and bronze knobs (which were original).

mirror front_web1

Here is the complete set.

side blue_web

Isn’t the mirror pretty as well?  I love the elegant lines.

blue front_web

This set if for sale at Orange and hope someone will give it a lovely home!

It would be great in a bedroom or even a hallway or dining room.


Unfortunately, I dont have enough pictures of this next project to create a seperate post,  but I want to share with you what I’ve got…

secretary before_web

I had been looking for a secretary for a while now and was so excited when I found this beauty in a thift shop right down the street from my house.

It was the perfect size, not too large and very old.

I decided to paint it red because it just had a sweet cottage feel to it.

secretary after_web

I did go bold on the inside with a dark blue pop of color!

Here it is all set up in the shop.

Thank You cards

I just dropped my first batch of letterpress cards off at Orange over the weekend.

I designed this line of thank you cards at the beginning of the month and finally got around to printing them the night before Nick and I left for vacation.


There are 4 cards in the series and they read as follows:


THANK YOU. You are too kind!



gee, thanks… you really shouldn’t have!



just because… you = awesome, me = grateful



oh, BTW… you rock!… that is all


I printed the front of the all the cards in one evening and then printed my website on the back the next day.


I set the type for the website by hand using indiviual letters that came with my tabletop press.

I’m starting to feel much more comfortable and confident work on the chandler and price and have so much fun printing!

I made this pretty chicken wire frame to display the cards at the shop.


I found the frame a local antique shop…


…painted/distressed it…

frame detail_web

… and then stapled chicken wire to the back!

I made a few smaller frames to sell as well.

I haven’t had a chance to get my etsy shop up and running but if you are interested in ordering a set or 2 of thank you cards, send me an email!

First week at Orange

SHEW!!!!  I am exhausted!  It’s been a busy but very exciting week.  I announced last Sunday that I had been given the awesome opportunity to sell my furniture and small projects at a local store in Carytown called Orange.  When I signed  onto the 3 month trial period with Orange, I was completely out of inventory except for the green dresser I shared last week.  My goal for the past 7 days was to knock out as many projects as possible so I could keep my foot in the door.  Luckily, because of the 4th of July holiday, I had a 4 day weekend and was able to get a lot accomplished!

I purchased two identical club chairs last Sunday  and was able to quickly flip them in time to drop them by the store on Wednesday afternoon.


The upholstery was in perfect condition so this was a pretty easy transformation

red chair_web

chair half_web

On Tuesday after work, I picked up two great pieces from a fellow Richmond blogger/furniture flipper extraordinaire, Susan of Uniquely Yours, or Mine.  Her family is moving out of the state and she is in the process of cleaning out her garage full of awesome pieces.  She gave me so many great tips and I got some really unique dressers from her!

I was so anxious to get started on the first piece from Susan, that I spent most of the 4th of July in the basement…

linen before_web

…stripping crackle paint….


off of this beautiful antique linen press.

I’m not going to lie… it was absolutely horrible and I will never use gel stripper again…. Lesson learned!

after strip_web

but here is what the chest looked after 4 hours of stripping and sanding.


It’s really amazing what a few coats of paint can do!

linen progress_web

I’m totally in love with the piece.  I’ve never worked on a linen press before…

linenpress open_web

…and I just adore the interior drawers.

I did a mint green custom mixed chalk paint on the outside and cream drawers on the inside.


I used chalkboard paint on the interior of the doors to give an extra little pop of boldness.

linen close_web

I plan to bring this over to Orange early this week!

Last but not least on my TO DO list for the long weekend was to work on some paper goods.

My brother Dan asked me what “paper goods” were (I’m pretty sure he was making fun).  But they are just objects made from paper…I knew all those paper folding assignment in first year architecture studio would come in handy someday!

mason jar_web

I have always loved working with paper…

and I had so much fun making the decorations for Anna’s shower, that I decided to try a few “party packs” to bring into the shop.

orange party_web

The package includes 8 utensil pockets, each with fork, knife, and spoon as well as a napkin and paper straw.

It’s just a fun way to display these items for a shower, bbq or any special occasion!

polka party_web

Also included: 8 name tags/labels for attaching to mason jars, food platters, drink canisters, etc.

mason jars_web

We will see if they sell!

Nonetheless, its been relaxing/inspiring/motivating/rewarding to work on these projects this week!  I’ve been pretty consumed but wanted to get a good stock built up before Nick and I leave for vacation next week.

There are still lots of things on the horizon so stay tuned!

Linking to these parties!

Miss Mustard Seed

A very special baby shower!

My brother Dan, and his wife, Anna are expecting their first baby at the beginning of August!  Not only is this their first baby, but it is also the first grand baby for both families!  Which means I will be an Auntie for the first time!  DAnna (Dan and Anna’s celebrity couple name) announced earlier in the year that they would be having a BOY and his name will be Connor Jacob,  love it!  (warning… this is an exclamation-heavy post)

As you can tell, I am very excited about the arrival of Connor.  DAnna will make great absolutely wonderful parents and I am thrilled for them.

This past weekend, my mom, my sister, and I hosted a baby shower for Anna and baby Connor at my house in Richmond.


Here we are all prettied up and ready to get the shower started!

My mom came to Richmond the weekend before the shower to hang out with me (while Nick was away at a sailing race) and to help prepare for the party.

We had a great time and got lots of tasks accomplished.  My mom doesn’t think she is creative or crafty but she was a huge help in brainstorming and making the vision for the shower come to life!

I designed and pressed the invitations last month.


I wanted to go with a vintage-style boy friendly theme for the shower.


So we stuck with neutral blues, greens, mints and creams for the color scheme.

(check out those ironstone plates mom found at a local antique shop when she came to visit… she bought me 20!  They are the perfect size for finger foods and even have a little handle on the side for easy holding!  Such a sweet momma)

drink dresser_web

The drink station was made up of mason jars with name tags…


…paper straws and the most yummy strawberry lemonade (compliments of Trader Joes!)


Mom helped make these cute little name tags… see, isnt she crafty!

mason jars_web

We also made these fun little utensil pockets…

utensil pockets_web

…and the pennant banners on the chalkboard window and fire place.


Here is Hobie eyeing the food table before the guests arrive.



Friday night before the shower, my mom, dad, sister, and I went on a crazy food making frenzy.  I couldn’t have done it without them!

We made chicken salad croissants, broccoli bacon salad, pesto past salad, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit salad, glazed ham rolls, turkey-brie-fig bites, cupcakes, mom’s famous home-made cheesecake and white chocolate dipper pretzel sticks!


It was certainly a labor of love… but dont worry, we brought them to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner that night!

(My Mellow Mushroom count last week officially totaled 5…this is bad)

Guests started arriving and the food buffet was open!


Anna’s friends came from near and far!  She has such a wonderful group of beautiful friends!


(Anna on the right!)




I recently  bought a mini polaroid camera ( I know, so hipster right?)

As I snapped pictures of the event, we placed them on the mantel!


After everyone mingled and ate, Anna opened all her sweet baby boy presents


And of course there were many, many, “ooooos, and ahhhhhs”


So cute!

After all the gifts were opened, we went outside to take a few silly pictures.


This is Anna and her sister Melissa, fellow first-time auntie!


Let’s frame that adorable baby bump!


Seems like you can’t throw a party these days without a mustache photobooth!


We thought it was a perfectly appropriate way to celebrate Little Man Connor.


We had a great group of ladies and I really hope everyone had a good time.


(you can see we had a few other expectant moths in the crowd!)



It was such a fun party to plan for such a SPECIAL occasion and a SPECIAL lady!


I am so blessed to have the best sister-in-law in the world and cannot wait to meet little Connor!


Less than a month to go… :)


I will be selling a line of vintage-inspired, handmade paper party goods in Orange and on Etsy soon!

Stay tuned for more pictures and details

Milk Paint Dresser and some good news!

Good evening!  It’s been a crazy end of spring/beginning of summer in the Monday household.  We’ve been busy with graduations ( a high school and a college), baby showers (2!), cookouts, farmer’s markets, weekends at the river, etc.

All of our activities and time with family and friends has been wonderful but has left little time for projects around the house.

I did however find some time in the evenings over the last week and a half to finally sneak down to the paint studio!

luck before_web

This gorgeous dresser has been waiting for a makeover for a while now… as well as my first box of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

I bought some MMSMP in Luckett’s Green last month in Leesburg (there are no vendors in Richmond :( ) and decided that this curved front dresser would the perfect candidate for my first milk paint project.

luck progress_web

I love the color … the paint was a little hard to get used to, but very fun to work with once I figured it out.  It comes in powder form and you have to add water and mix it in a blender.  It’s a very thin paint but the depth of color you get is incredible!  It distresses very easily and in a more “chippy” way than Chalk paint.  I’m hooked and look forward to using it again!

luck progress2_web

I ended up replacing most of the knobs, I usually like to re-use the hardware but I thought that the original pulls were a little on the small side for this piece.

luck detail2_web

I found these beautiful round knobs a Hobby Lobby.

luck diagonal_web

I finished the piece with a heavy coat of dark wax…


…and am really happy with how it turned out!

luck detail_web

And now for the exciting news (that I promised my Facebook followers earlier today)…READY???

luck far diag_web

This dresser is for sale…

luck chair_web

… in a STORE


… called ORANGE!!!

Yep, that’s right, Monday Morning Press now has a retail location!  I dropped off this piece today and will continue to bring my furniture (and letterpress cards, and paper party goods-more info coming soon) to Orange.   It is a brand new, adorable local boutique in the heart of Carytown, stocked entirely by local artists.  I feel completely giddy and blessed to be involved with such a talented group of Richmonders and am thrilled at this opportunity.  Please check out the website and Facebook page and stop by the shop next time you are in the neighborhood (it’s located directly across from the Mellow Mushroom, which is delicious by the way, I may have eaten there 3 times last week…)

Thanks again to everyone who as supported me over the last 6 months, I’m so excited to see where the next 6 months will take me :)

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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I promised that I would report back with lots of pictures from our weekend in Leesburg, so… here I am!

This will be a photo-heavy post, so you can soak in all the Lucketts goodness for yourself!

Nick and I hit the road Friday after work.


We had an uneventful drive  and arrived in time to have a nice dinner on an outside patio in downtown Leesburg.


The downtown area was so cute!

We checked into our hotel and went to bed early.

Saturday morning we woke up to rain… I was so bummed and felt awful for all the vendors at the Market.

We were completely unprepared for rain (I know, shoulda checked the weather-duh!) so we stopped my Target to buy an umbrella and close-toed shoes.  We were both wearing flip flops and didn’t feel like slip and sliding in the mud all day- best decision we made.

Thankfully, by the time we chowed down on a sausage, egg and cheese bagel sandwich, grabbed a coffee and drove to the Market, the rain had stopped.


We arrived to Lucketts around 11:00 and despite the crappy weather, the place was already hustling and bustling!

We bought our tickets and jumped right in!



There was so much to see!  It was overwhelming at first but we quickly got our bearings.



There were over 170 vendors present and each had unique and wonderful items


There was furniture galore!  French, farmhouse, vintage, antiques!

I was so excited to run into Susan from Uniquely Yours or Mine.

(here is her booth!)


She is a Richmonder and does great work.  I’ve exchanged a few emails with her and was so excited to meet her in person!


My first purchase of the day was a 6 dollar antique oil can… I know- not overly exciting… but it will be perfect for oiling my press in style!


Loved this old scale, but sadly it did not make it home with me :(




We were finishing up the outer loop of vendors when we found Miss Mustard Seed’s booth!


I was definitely star struck but tried to keep my cool (despite Nick trying to make a crazy paparazzi-like scene-hahaha)

I bought a few small things from her booth…


…. took one stalker picture of Marian (MMS) and then decided I was being super creepy …


so I finally worked up the courage ask her to sign my copy of her book.

She was SO NICE and talked to Nick and I for a few minutes.  Here I am completely cheesing it up!


(Marian- if you happen to read this, thanks so much for your kindness, it made my day!)

After I came down from my MMS high, we continued to check out the Market.


We snapped silly pictures of ourselves, and just had a good time!


Nick even did a little paroozing of his own.




Such a stud ;)




After we checked out all the vendors had to offer, we took a quick run through the Design House.  The Design House is owned by Lucketts and is basically a beautiful old home completely staged (everything is for sale!) with antique, vintage, goodness.  It was very crowded so we didn’t get to stay long but here are a few of our favorite rooms.










The last stop on our Lucketts adventure was the Lucketts Antique store.  It is open year round and is full of awesome treasures!







Things got a little crowded inside the store so Nick went outside to wait for me.  I found him setting here on the steps when I was finished looking around and thought he looked so cute!  In this moment, I was so thankful for and blessed by my wonderful, sweet, and supportive husband.  He was truly the best sport ever!  He didn’t even get a hotdog or a funnel cake, or these incredible looking home-made chips we kept seeing everyone carrying around because I spent all our cash on old oil cans and burlap ribbon!


We kissed Lucketts goodbye and decided to grab lunch on our way of town.


We stumbled upon a little placed called the Blue Mountain Cafe.  We had no idea what to expect from the outside, but were super excited to find delicious

authentic Jamaican cuisine on the inside.  It was so good and the staff was lovely!



It was a wonderful trip all around.  I was excited, giddy, and completely inspired.

MMS signed_web

 I day-dreamed the whole way home about participating in the market next year… we shall see!



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